Quality triathlon kits

I’ve been asked many times what my favourite training and racing kit is for triathlon. The truth is, I have many. There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to all of them and as we all have different bodies and personal preferences, it is impossible to say there is one ultimate kit that is best for all. Then, there’s the issue of specificity. On long training rides on the gravel bike, for example, I sometimes (though not always) prefer a more heavily padded cycling chamois. Riding position usually being the primary reason. When on my tri bike however, I have come to the conclusion that less padding often means less irritation. This is where the lighter, more breathable triathlon pad tends to win out. And as for running off the bike, as us triathletes tend to do often in training (aka a “brick” session), well, there’s no question, you want a shammy as thin as possible, as the hanging diaper look does not seem to be in fashion these days and almost guarantees a bad rash.

Will all this in mind, I must admit to having a two or three brands that tend to be my go to. How do I know? Well, they’re the shorts, tops or tri suits I reach for almost sub-consciously, when I’m not over-thinking. When I’m looking for both performance and comfort. And what ends up in my hands more often than not? Zoot! The materials, comfort, performance and fit and finish of their higher end kits in particular are some of the very best out there. Light, breathable Italian fabrics, leg grippers than are wide and comfortable, rather than tight bands that cause sausage legs. They’re top notch and I am very fortunate to be one of their Team Zoot sponsored athletes and Brand Ambassadors.

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