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Listening to Your Inner Wisdom

While walking Rocket this morning (she’s my sweet BorderDoodle training partner), I crossed paths with a neighbour driving to work, whom I hadn’t seen in a while. He slowed for a brief moment and rolled down his window. Knowing I am a triathlete, he asked: “How’s your training going?” For a split second, I really […]

Most important endurance sports training metric?

I was particularly struck today listening to an interview with both Jan Frodeno’s and Kristian Blummenfelt’s (two of the world’s top professional triathletes today) coaches on GTN’s YouTube channel. When pressed on what metrics Olav Aleksandr Bu places the highest importance when coaching his athletes, I simply loved his answer. The Norwegians, you see, have […]

Book excerpt 3 – Bubble Boy

“… It was December 13, 2020. The official start of my Triathlon Journey. I chose a 70.3 triathlon plan from 8020Endurance and loaded it onto the Training Peaks platform. My official training sessions were about to start. Day one was a Monday. Planned workout for the day? Nothing. Those plans always start with a Monday […]

Book excerpt 2 – Ironman 70.3 Muskoka

“… In addition to calculating time, distance and so on, doing “Race Math,” as triathletes call it, I found myself honestly just having fun. I even pretended I was a pro, grabbing Gatorade bottles from the soaked and shivering but steadfast volunteers on the roadside aid and fueling stations. “Yay! A game to keep my […]

Book excerpt 1 – Mental Health

“… Months later, when I got my new triathlon bike (I’ll introduce you to her later), I had an inspirational sticker printed that I stuck on the cockpit, where I stare down every day when I’m riding in aero position. Cockpit. Aero position. What am I training to be, a pilot? It all sounded so […]